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Cleaning the System

By: hargrave

Story: In this game, you are a white bacteria, and your host, Dave, eats way too much junk food and is endangering the body; you have to stop him.

[image] a white blood cell

Objective: Your objective is to clean out Dave's body, and find a way to tell him he's eating badly.

Audience: This game is geared for a younger audience, probably 7-13 Years old.

Health Lesson: Eating unhealthly can have a lot of really bad effects on the human body. One obvious one is weight gain, but here are a few others.

Fact 1

Your body becomes prone to allergic reactions as you take in large quantities of food, which your system may not be able to cope up with. This can be hard on your body, as they become more frequent as you eat more.

Fact 2

Overeating can also make you depressed, which can make you want to eat more food. Overall, this a bad cycle to get stuck in.

Fact 3 

Because of electrolyte imbalances from overeating, you can feel lonely, restless, bored and frustrated. Then, even simple tasks can seem too difficult to achieve. Just the sight of food can make you more and more insecure about handling your food wants.

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hargrave says...
Thanks for fixing that. I noticed the bug, and it was bothering me that people were cheating. I had no idea someone was doing it on my game.
4th November 2012 2:28pm
Organizer says...
No problem. We got all the pages fixed up now and all LIKES are indeed fair LIKES now. Speaking of LIKES, you aren\'t far behind the other two leaders and they havent recorded many votes over the last week. If you think about it, you could get 15 people to vote for you every day between now and Dec 31st you would have about 825 more votes. That would put you in the lead with over 1200 votes! Perhaps you have a class that meets everyday that you could encourage to vote for you everyday. Read More
5th November 2012 5:47pm
hargrave says...
Thank you for voting for me!
27th October 2012 9:37pm
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