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By: emanresu360

[image] white blood cell processThe white blood cell process.


There is a kid who is so sick that he cannot exercise and become healthy. He makes it to the hospital in need of help. Due to a recent technology growth-spurt, the doctors have created an AWBC, otherwise known as an artificial white blood cell. They send it in to the kid’s body. When you are playing as the AWBC, you need to destroy all the hurtful bacteria inside the kid’s body. As you get to the harder levels, the doctor in the room will send in another cell. Have fun!

Objective: Destroy all the bacteria and the virus and cure the kid! Make it to the checkpoint so that the scientists can take you back out.

Lesson: White blood cells locate and destroy harmful germs. Also, you learn about "free radicals" (I asked a certain proffessor of micro biology about this) and how they can help. Too many though can kill a cell.

Audience: Everyone who likes video games.

Creator(s): Iyan

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devastatingdesigners1 says...
Glad to hear it is okay. Maybe I will let him back on after a while. He needs to learn to be more careful with online postings.
1st June 2013 5:26pm
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