Project Title: Bird Strikes
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Bird Strike Prevention

By: kwalkley

To learn more about the bird strikes that had occurred, students collected data by interviewing teachers and students who reported having birds strike their windows. The 1st graders then counted the windows on the north side of the building, since this is where the majority of the strikes have occurred and composed a tally sheet. Using their data, the students created graphs to display where the bird strikes were taking place. Next, students brainstormed ideas and researched how to prevent future bird strikes. Armed with this information, students created a materials request for the principal, who in turn ordered bird houses with suction cups and window alert decals. When the bird strike prevention materials arrived on campus, Berry Elementary held a Saturday school-wide work day to place materials on the windows. Parents, teachers, and students all participated in this effort.  Students will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the window alert decals and the bird houses to determine their viability in preventing bird strikes.

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