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Green Team

By: Blaser01

Oppe Elementary has formed a Green Team who will begin Oppe's Recycling Program along with teaching the students and staff about Eco-friendly practices. Each week the students will pick up paper recycle bins placed in each classroom. They will collect the paper and place it in recycle bags that will go to Galveston's Eco Center. Students also particapated in the National Recycle Bowl to kick off our recycling program.

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Purpose of the Team:

The purpose of the Green Team is to create a school-wide recycling program to teach the students about the importance of taking care of the environment. Students will work together and with the community to exhibit environmental safe practices and conservation techniques.  

Are there any competitions?      Yes      If so, how many students will go to the competition? The competition is at school tracking how much paper we can recycle. We will enter the national competition called the recycle bowl-

What will the weekly outcomes/products be?

Each week the team will take in the recycle bins and weigh the amount of paper collected. They will create a graph of how much recycled paper the school has collected. They will give reports to the campus on how much we have recycled. The Green Team will also announce good environmental and conservation habits that students can participate in at school and at home. They will create posters, newsletters, and short presentations.

What will the annual outcome/ product be?

We will create a campus that cares about taking care of their school, community, and world. They will become good stewards of environmentally safe practices. They will learn how to take care of our coast with annual beach clean up days and weekly messages to the Oppe campus.

What will the measures of success be? 

Having a school-wide recycling program where everyone participates and brings back what they have learned to their community. Students will learn about conservation and recycling which correlates with TEKS.


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