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Katie Fracking Vs. Wind Energy

By: 1st period students

Fracking vs. Wind Energy


            Texas is the second largest state in the United States by populous and land mass, with a population of 25,145,561 as of 2010. This large state needs an abundance of fuel to support the rather large population. Texas has about 500 years of coal buried under the ground, but since coal is a nonrenewable resource, what will happen when it’s gone? Nonrenewable resources are natural substances – or resources – that cannot be used or replaced unless an insanely long amount of time can be spared. A nonrenewable resource used in Texas very often now is natural gas. Alternative resources are now being used more and more often to replace nonrenewable ones. These alternative resources are resources that can be harnessed and utilized without running out. Wind energy is an alternative that can be found all over the world.

            Natural gas is most commonly drawn up through the earth with a process called hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking. A “tube” is filled with a gel material that contains 98% sand and water, and 2% of chemicals, gelling substance, and other substances. The tube is inserted into[image] Foreign Fuel Import Graph the ground. After it is inserted a certain distance into the ground, it makes a 90вк turn. Perforations in the tube makes fissures into the shale, but to get the natural gas, water is shot down the tube, letting the natural gas escape. It will then be drawn through a pipeline and later used as an energy resource. This fairly new process not only provides Americans with an energy resource, it also reduces its dependency on foreign fuel imports. Nearly 2/3 of the fossil fuels Americans use are from the Middle East where[image] Fracking Rally there is much conflict over nonrenewable sources. Though this revolutionizing process is incredibly helpful, there are many disadvantages to using it. For one, fracking is thought to start earthquakes. There have been many experiments performed to test this, and most have concluded that the above statement is true. The water used in hydraulic fracturing is usually taken completely out of the water cycle. It has been so contaminated that it does not have any use to the people. Aquifers near fracking wells have been just as, if not more, polluted as the water intentionally used in the procedure. Substances such as arsenic and other toxins have been found in the aquifers, many of these are used by the public.

            Wind energy is renewable, just like solar energy, another type of alternative resource. In fact, it is one of the most used renewable energy resources. Not only is the alternative source renewable, it is pollutant free. [image] SmogThe process of harnessing wind energy is relatively simple. A turbine i[image] Dollar Signs built, and the wind turns it. This is connected to a generator, which transfers the energy to a power grid, or it will be stored in batteries. This has been a growing trend all over the world, especially in Europe. Germany is the highest wind energy consumer in the world. The United States is the third highest. Because the fuel in wind energy is wind, there are no fuel costs as well. Yet there are some negative points of this. The turbines cost an insanely large amount of money, and a large amount of land is necessary for it.

            While hydraulic fracturing is efficient, it has too many negative points. I am not stating that it should stop completely. I am simply saying that it should be used for certain purposes, such as fuel for cars. Wind energy should be harnessed in Texas due to it being pollutant free and the fuel does not cost anything. Overall, natural gas is good to use at the moment, but nonrenewable sources will run out some day, and America should be mainly on an alternative resource, such as wind, so they are prepared for that day.

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