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James Compare and Contrast Alternative vs Fossil F


Chapter 6 Test


Non-renewable and renewable resources have both many similarities and differences. Non-renewable resources are [image] J Coal Conresources that have a finite amount that is on Earth. Alternative resources are resources that replace fossil fuels. One example of a non-renewable resource is coal. An example of an alternative resource is hydrogen.  These resources have many Pro’s and Con’s.[image] J Coal

            Coal has many pros and cons. One pro is that it plentiful. Coal is one of the world’s most plentiful resources. Another pro is that in it inexpensive compared to other non-renewable resources. Coal also has many cons. One con is pollution, coal powered plants are a main factor in the Earth’s pollution. Another con is that it cannot be replaced. There is a finite amount of coal in the world.         

        Hydroelectric energy also has many pros and cons. One pro is that the dams[image] jdro con used for hydroelectricity are designed so that after there are built it is inexpensive to repair and maintain. Dams store water so there is a constant supply even if there is a drought or higher demand for hydroelectricity. Hydroelectric energy also has cons though. Large dams take up a lot of space, making it hard to find places to build them. Also, dams cause flooding which can destroy many land habitats.

       [image] jdro pro I believe that hydroelectric energy is better than coal. We can use it for a lot longer and it does not pollute the Earth. Hydroelectricity does not use up water. In 25 years, I believe it will be better for Texas because it does not cause pollution and that will be a big problem for the world in 25 years. Dams cost a lot but after it is complete, it has low maintenance costs. Over time, this will help Texas’s economy.

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