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War: Non-Renewable Resources vs Alternative Resour

By: 7th period students

[image] NG Flame-Eva

War: Non-Renewable Resources vs Alternative Resources

By: Eva Kadane

            [image] Eva-Natural GasNon-Renewable and Alternative resources are very important to our world today. A nonrenewable resource is a natural resource that can’t be replaced. Alternative resources are derived from sources that do not harm natural resources. Some examples of nonrenewable and alternative resources are: (nonrenewable), coal, natural gas, or petroleum. For alternative resources, some are: wind energy, solar, nuclear, or hydro-electric. For this paper, I am going to compare and contrast natural gas, gaseous fossil fuels, and wind energy, which is energy that comes from wind turbines, and the energy that is generated by the wind turbines comes from energy from the sun.

Some of the benefits and non-benefits of natural gas include: benefits-it can be used for heating, such as in stoves or vehicles. Methane, butane, and propane are all components of natural gas. They can be separated from methane and used for camp stoves, (butane), and heating fuel, (propane). However, there are also things that do not benefit you about natural gas too. They include: it is a nonrenewable resource, which could be a problem because the amount of vehicles that are being powered by natural gas in increasing.                                           

The alternative resource I am focusing on is wind energy. Wind energy has both ups and downs, which are: positives- it does not hurt natural resources, they take up small areas only, people are willing to get wind things for energy put into their home, does not help or contribute to global warming, the energy generated by it comes from the sun, they generate big amounts of electrical energy, it is inexhaustible, (as long as sun energy stays), and much more. The negatives are: the turbines can be damaged in weather, animals such as birds are affected by the polluti[image] Wind Turbineon, can be noisy, and th[image] Wind Farme wind also needs to be a certain speed for them to [image] Wind Farmwork.                                                                                                                     

In my opinion, wind energy is the best of both of these. Two reasons why I think this are: wind energy is inexhaustible, so it can always stay as long as the sun does too, and it does not hurt the environment with harmful gases. Even though I have natural gas for my stoves at home, If it was my decision, I would probably choose wind energy instead because of all the positives, and how it does not hurt the environment as much as natural gas might. I mean, why spend so much time extracting natural gas when [image] Drill-Evawind energy could be so easy?[image] Diagram-Eva



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