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Getting Started

By: wyatt

[image] Open space

What the area looked like before constructing the garden.  The garden rectangle has been marked.  Note the wonderful picnic benches already in place for a great outdoor classroom experience! 


The call for volunteers on Wyatt's Facebook page and on the Wyatt Wire read:


Have you heard about the Wyatt Elementary Garden Project? William Rubsamen,
Wyatt Elementary alumn, and his Scout troop are buildng a garden for our
students to learn, plant, and grow! With the support of his dad, Dean Rubsamen,
our PTA ENvironmental Team, our Wyatt staff, and many volunteers, we look
forward to this successful project!

We are in need of 8 strong men to help get this party started! Please email
William at if
you can help.

Here are the details:

Date: This Saturday, February 25th

Time: 8:00 am

Location: Wyatt Elementary, east end outside 5th grade

Need: 8 adults that can handle heavy lifting. All 8 will be working first thing
digging the 1" deep trench perimeter for the fence to lay down brick to
hold down the fence base. Also, they will be wielding a sledge hammer to drive
the (40) 4' fence posts a foot into the ground.

Equipment Needed: 4 wheelbarrows, 6-8 shovels (square or round point) to shovel
dirt and mulch, 6-8 trenching shovels to dig the fence line trenches, and 2-3
sledge hammers for driving in fence posts.



Wyatt students donated newspapers to place on top of the grass to create the garden.  Wyatt girls are transporting the newspapers from the donation site to the shed.

[image] Newspaper collection

 [image] Grandpa

William's grandpa came to support his grandson on his Eagle Scout project.  He's helping build a trench around the garden to place the bricks that will help keep the fence in place.



[image] Going over emergency procedures

William going over the emergency procedures with his crew.

[image] Digging trench

Volunteers hard at work: digging the trench, laying newspapers, and carrying the already-built beds into the area.

[image] Reusable cups for water

Water station with reusable cups.

[image] Healthy snacks

Healthy snacks for the crew, including lunch.


Volunteers hard at work:

[image] eins[image] zwei

[image] drei[image] vier


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