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Gardening Day

By: wyatt

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GARDENING PROCESS for March 21, 2012 – Whole school planting


Six 4 ft x 12 ft beds (one per grade level K-5) divided into
square foot sections (using Mel Bartholomew’s Square Foot Gardening Method)


Plants and seeds were purchased after consultation with a
community garden expert in the City of Plano. 
These were watered and brought to school early morning in preparation
for planting.


Teachers were mailed the following instructions the day


There are approximately 16 squares per bed of transplants, with the
remaining 32 squares being planted with seeds. Seeds are planted in either1
hole, 4 holes, or 16 holes per square, depending on eventual plant size. Specific
directions will be spelled out on the garden map (see attached) and the pre-portioned
seed envelopes that will be placed in each square. We will put 2-3 seeds in
each shallow hole and cover with dirt, leaving a slight depression in the
center to direct water to the roots. The only exception to this is
strawberries, which should be planted on a slight mound.

WATERING:  We will put one cup
of water on seeds after planting; monitor soil moisture and water as needed
thereafter.  Water meters will be made
available to students. There will be a filled water barrel located near the
garden for watering purposes each day from here on out. Children will use
plastic bottles to water their sections.

TOOLS: Children’s fingers.

Note toTeachers:   Please keep in mind
the number of classes in your grade and number of students in each class to
help us divide up each bed's 48 squares as fairly as possible. It is up to you
how you want to decide which student(s) plant which seeds and transplants. Each
grade has a one hour time window during which the classes will be coming out on
a staggered basis. There will be a few seed samples and plant pictures for you
to use as teaching tools as you see fit.


Teachers received Garden Updates periodically with gardening
tips, suggestions, links, and ideas on how to incorporate gardening into the
curriculum.  For more information, look

  A B C D  
1 peppers (1)   transplant basil (1)     transplant peppers (1)  transplant basil (1)           transplant  
2 lettuce romaine (4) seeds broccoli or
  cauliflower (1)    transplant
lettuce green
  leaf (4)                      seeds
swiss chard
  (4)    seeds
3 hollyhock (4)        seeds lettuce mesclun
  (4)   seeds
lemon balm
  (1)    transplant
  (4)       seeds
4 onion (16)         seeds stevia (1)   transplant marigold
  (4)        seeds
  (16)      seeds
5 parsley (1)    transplant  delphinium
  (4)        seeds
lettuce green
  leaf (4)                      seeds
  (4)      transplant
6 marigold (4)         seeds lettuce romaine
  (4)   seeds
  (4)       seeds
  (16)      seeds
7 lettuce mesclun (4)   seeds            (transplant 5th) strawberries
  (4)    transplant
oregano (1)      transplant lettuce green
  leaf (4)                      seeds
8 radishes (16)        seeds zinnias (4)        seeds zinnias (4)        seeds onion (16)         seeds  
9 phlox (4)           seeds parsley (1)   transplant strawberries
  (4)   transplant
swiss chard
  (4)    seeds
10 marigold (1) transplant cosmos (4)          seeds cilantro
  (1)       seeds
  (16)      seeds
11 carrots (16)      seeds lettuce romaine
  (4)  seeds
zinnias (4)         seeds marigold
  (1)     transplant

cilantro (1)       seeds          (transplant 5th)  


  (4)   transplant
phlox (4)          seeds cosmos (4)          seeds  

  Check Minute 2 of the video found at

[image] four


 [image] one[image] three

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