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James Williams Elementary F.I.S.H. Club

By: abirk

[image] FISH ClubF.I.S.H. – Fourth/Fifth Investigating Science Horizons

During each six weeks of the 2011-2012 school year, Fourth and Fifth Grade F.I.S.H. club members will immerse themselves in a particular unit of scientific study and will contribute to the Williams Green School Initiative:

  • First Six Weeks: Environmental conservation, recycling, and the basics of fishing. Investigating different types of fish, water tables & testing (examining pollution using such devices as water scopes), and responsible stewardship will be a priorities. 
  • Second Six Weeks: Astronomy including Moon Phases and eclipses. In addition to investigating astronomy during weekly meetings, members will have an opportunity to observe the night sky on Friday evenings using telescopes & smartphone/tablet astronomy apps.
  • Third Six weeks: Renewable energy and green energy design. Examining solar panels, rain collectors, and sustainable energy sources.
  • Fourth Six weeks: The Sun and its role in the life of our planet and its larger role in our solar system.
  • Fifth Six Weeks: Insects, plants, wildflowers. Creation of a butterfly garden will be a focal point.
  • Sixth Six Weeks: Geography and Geology. Activities will include the “adoption” of a local playground for soil samples, rock examination, and investigating weathering, erosion, and deposition. The fishing tournament will also occur toward the end of May.


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