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The Tales of Listeroid

By: Steampunk Beasts

By: The Steampunk Beasts


The Storyboard

 [image] Storyboard

The Game


The Story

♦ In level one, Listeroid must enter the mouth so he can

stop the contamination.

♦ In level two, Listeroid has to kill all "Cavity Creeps" and

collect the nutrients.

♦ In level three, Listeroid has to get rid of all the fast food.

♦ In level four, Listeroid has to proceed through the mouth

without touching the plaque.

♦ In level five, Listeroid needs to collect as much nutrients as

he can without touching the plaque, then proceed.

♦ In level six, Listeroid's job is done. The mouth is now cleansed

and he must exit and kill the remaining "Cavity Creeps".

The Objective

 Play as Listeroid and make your way through the infested mouth.

Meanwhile, killing all of the "Cavity Creeps" and collecting all

nutrients, thus making the mouth clean and pure.

The Moral

 Listeroid symbolizes hygiene, and the point is, if you brush your

 teeth and eat healthy, you won't have a disgusting mouth filled

with plaque and cavities.

Intended Audience

 Kids 13 and younger.


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