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TheFruitSnax Journey

By: appleseed

[The Essentials]

Jay is the main protagonist of the story's game. One unsuspecting day, Jay demonstrated his usual carefree demeanor by relaxing in his shabby lawn chair. He leisurely sipped his favorite drink: an apple-banana smoothie, equipped with a cheesy toothpick-umbrella. He basked in the sunlight (with sunscreen and sunglasses) chilled. After an hour of "chilling" he noticed a black spec in the sky nearing him. He nonchalantly shrugged and marked it as unimportant to his interests. Unfortunately it was the contrary to Jay's initial thought.

The insignificant spec in the sky grew larger time passed. It flew in circles around Jay, as if he was the bull’s-eye in its target area. The former spec appeared to his arch nemesis, Stephen, once he was close enough. Jay, still tranquilly napping his time away, was abruptly awaken by Stephen's forceful barrage. Maimed and powerless, Jay remained planted on the ground in agony.

Being a nimble crow, Stephen robbed Jay's sack of apples, which were vital to beloved smoothies. Unbeknownst to Stephen, Jay ripped a tear at the bottom of his sack, in fear of robbery. The hole gaped open enough to release all of the apples he had just stolen. Stephen noticed the bag gradually getting lighter and glanced at it. He immediately summoned his greasy, fat-laden minions to gather them.

When Jay is nursed back to full health, he embarks on a journey to gather all of his apples. To retrieve all of his apples, he must also fight of Stephen's minions while finding his way through rough, foreign terrains.

 [The Game]


 [Who is this Game is Suited for] 



 [Intended Audience]

This game is suitable for all ages because healthy eating is advantageous for  everyone.


 [What We Want You to Learn]


Apples make the best smoothies ever!!  Nutritious foods like, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are what give people the energy and health to live and enjoy life. Unhealthy foods like French fries can degrade our health  ( it's literally demonstrated in the game) if  eaten habitually.  You know what they say, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."


 [The Process Involved for Our Game Creation]


 game[image] J

 [image] J  

[image] J

A screencap of our game editing.

 [image] screen



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