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French Fry Thugs!!!

By: isham


Story: The French Fry thugs have stolen all the healthy apples! Now mankind hopes that you can get those apples back.
Objective: Save the apples and don't die 

Team members
: Matthew Tan, Chase Isham, Matthew High

Health lesson:  
Always go for the healthy foods like fruits and vegatables, instead of foods that are not healthy for you like French fries.

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Fact 1:  Apples and other healthy foods can help you! Apples are a great soruce of fiber and reduce your chance of a heart attack.

Fact 2:  Pectin brings blood pressure to normal levels. Juice from apples can fight certain viruses.

Fact 3: Juice also acts like a kidney toner and blood purifer.

Fact 4:  French fries are high in fat and low in fiber, making you want to eat more. A apple is high in fiber making you eat less.

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