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Bad Fries

By: cruise_nathan

Story: Calvin the tap dancer is trying to beat his record in gym class when Dan convinces him to eat a greasy, outdated fried lettuce chip, which makes Calvin sick. Then his immune system must battle the sickness and Calvin can't eat any more junk food. 


Team members
: Sarah Middleton, Durant Crow, and Nathan Cruise 

Game lesson:[image] Bad fries 1) French fries have a lot of acrylamide, which causes cancer.

2) French fries are usually deep fried in transfat, which can eventually cause heart disease.

3.) French fries have bad carbohyrates that cause diabetes.

Our overall statement is that French fries are bad for you in a number of ways and with all of these fast food places around these days it's sadly normal to find a young kid already addicted to them and on the road to a number of diseases. This game will help to show kids that it is easier to keep yourself fit and away from French fries than pay the price later on down the road.

The typical American diet is too high in saturated fat, sodium, sugar and too low in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, calcium, and fiber. Such a diet contributes to four of the six leading causes of death and increases the risk of numerous diseases, including...

-heart disease






-and many cancers

[image] Apple workout 

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