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The Benefits of Healthy Food

By: Awmorga1


 Story: Morgan, who loves to eat food, wants to start eating better and learn about what the benefits of healthy food are and how fast food can harm you.

Objective: The objective of the game is to learn about what the harms of fast food are and what the benefits of eating healthy are.

Audience: This game and lesson is for people of all ages. 

Team Members: Christian Fortner, Alex Morgan, Peter Maycock

Health lessons: The lesson is that healthy foods can benefit your body by making you healthier with all the nutrients and that fast food can make you overweight, drain your energy and at some point eventually kill you.


                                     [image] Burger39 


Fast foods are high in cholesterol, salt and trans fats - because many fast food meals contain some form of red meat. All three of these things cause higher blood pressure, poor cholesterol ratios and unhealthy levels of trans fats in the body. 



                                          [image] fast food label 


Fast foods contain trans fats which are artificially hydrogenated fatty acid chains. Your body understands how to take apart and use normal fatty acid chains, but gets lost trying to break down trans fats. Unbroken chains of fat in your body are extremely unhealthy.


               [image] heart fruit 

Healthy food has the nutrients to support every part of your body.


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