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Race to Get Healthy

By: huth

STORY:You're a health entrepreneur named Cinda and you are going on a health trip around the world.

OBJECTIVE: To spread the word of health all around the world and to help prevent and stop unhealthy eating.

AUDIENCE: This game is mainly directed toward young children who eat a lot of junk food and to help them learn to pick up an apple every now and again.

TEAM MEMBERS: Deven Huth, Matthew DeAngelis, and Pierce Cameron

HEALTH LESSON: The lesson of this game is that an apple is just as good as any other junk food you could pick up around the house and, with extreme commitment, you could easily run a marathon or perform another great feat as long as you eat healthy.

                                                                     Fact #1

Consumption of junk food provides little or no nutrition due to unhealthy ingredients. Junk food is often considered unhealthy especially when eaten regularly. Credit for the phrase ‘junk food’ is given to Michael Jacobson who coined it in 1972 to describe food that provides no nutritional value. Junk food is usually food that can be obtained conveniently in ready-to-eat form such as a bag of chips or food from a ‘fast food’ restaurant.

[image] Junk food   

                                                                        Fact #2

An understanding of your weight relative to your height may be important for some people. Certainly, obesity is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s society. The following two healthy weight chart tables are based on data from Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. The tables are based on ages 25-59 to indicate individuals with the lowest mortality rate.

[image] Chart G[image] Chart B


When it comes to the health of children, it is vital for them to eat properly. Children are more vulnerable than adults to sicknesses, but eating healthy helps their immune system fight off harmful germs.

When children come home from school, they often don’t wait until dinner to indulge in eating. A healthy, light snack is perfect for situations such as this. Here’s a photo of healthy snacks to feed children.

[image] Snack V

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