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Energy awarness interactive session

By: acastro


activity imageEnergy and Global Warming campaign at Magellan International School

Energy and Global Warming campaign at Magellan International School

Goal: Promote understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of energy production.


- Magellan Green Coach invited Dan Marsh (author of the book series Green Dan Says!) to participate in an interactive internet session with fourth grade students regarding different forms of energy. Dan did a great job at explaining his project using geothermal energy, and answering very clearly and comprehensively questions regarding different forms of energy. Moreover, Dan inspired the students to explore and create projects to use sustainable sources of energy.  More information about Dan Marsh here:

-Students performed an energy audit guided by an expert from the City of Austin.

People involved:

One (1) teacher and the curricular coordinator, one (1) member of the staff, 8 students, and two experts, Dan Marsh and Mr. Murray.

Completed actions

- Energy audit by City of Austin Mr. Murray

- Students survey about energy consumption to take home

- Research of different forms of energy. Students were very interested to visit a wind farm but this year we did not have the chance to explore wind energy. Hopefully next year!


- Students completed the unit of How the World Works and focused their research project on different forms of energy with the support of external experts and the Green Coach

-Students promoted the correct use of equipment to save energy at school and increase awareness of actions to save energy at home

- School will participate in the Cool The Earth National Campaign summer 2012

-School integrates Energy and Global Warming as one of its current 5 green priorities.


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