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5th Graders at Highland Lakes Outdoor Learning Cen

By: greenmom78731

Doss 5th Graders Build Leadership, Relationships, and Outdoor Skills


Highland Lakes Camp, Outdoor Learning Center

October 26-28, 2011

[image] HLC

What an awesome opportunity for our 5th graders!  The whole 5th grade class attended the 3-day Outdoor Learning Center at the Highland Lakes Camp in Spicewood, TX.  The camping trip was a first for some, but an overwhelming bonding learning experience for most everyone.  All activities took place outdoors, and the staff did an incredible job making relevant curriculum (TEKS) connections with each education course.  5th graders were divided into teams, and spent the 2.5 days circulating together to experience a variety of courses that included: the climbing wall, the problem solving bomb diffuser and Mohawk Walk, Topsoil Tour, fishing, Energy, Whale Watch and Mt. Tops, orienteering, and archery.  (see below)  Each student kept a work booklet where all course information was reviewed, results were captured, and guiding questions were reflected on and anwered.  Everyone was required to complete the booklet and turn in for a grade.  


From the Doss 5th Grade Blog:

The Agenda:




[image] Agenda

Day 1, Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Campers have loaded their cabins, eaten lunch, and are on their second activity of the day. Everyone’s having a blast and no one has lost anything yet. (I need to find some wood to knock on!) So far so good!


The teachers have made it to the rock wall, the energy learning station, orienteering, fishing, and we’re headed to some of the team building activities next. Here are some photos to help you rest easily.

Day 2, Thursday, October 27, 2011: 

Everyone’s still having a great time! Last night was movie night and while the kids loved the movie, they were the most excited about the ice cream. Thanks to Dylan Goodman’s dad for bringing enough Ben and Jerry’s for everyone! (And for some of us to have more than just a scoop…)

The teachers were talking about what a great job this fifth grade group of kids have been doing working together and getting along in their teams and cabins. I’m posting some photos here, but I’ve also uploaded camp photos to my flickr photo site. From here, you can directly download photos in their original file sizes. Click HERE to go to the fifth grade flickr page or copy and paste the following into your browser:

I’ve also uploaded a really cool team building video from the Bomb Diffuser team building activity. Watch how well these kids can lead one another and work together! Wow!

Click here to see the video.

Tonight we have some birthday celebrations at dinner, followed by a “camp fire” and skits. (It’ll be more of a flashlight fire because of the burn ban.) Tomorrow is our last activity and lunch before we had back home. Remember that you’re welcome to pick up your child at 2 tomorrow, but certainly don’t have to if you’re unable. Keep checking back to the flickr page as we upload more camp photos in the next week.

(Please forgive the photography skills and the backlighting issues on the photos (dark faces and objects, bright sky behind). Even if the photo didn’t turn out well, I’ve uploaded most photos I’ve taken because 1) I know that even if the photo didn’t turn out well, you’ll want to see your kid, and 2) Some of the students have asked me to take photos for them. I told them I’d have them available for downloading on this site.)


Day 3, Friday, October 28, 2011:

We had breakfast, our last activity, and lunch today before we packed up and headed out. As we were pulling into the neighborhood, the girls on my bus were actually yelling hello to their street as they drove by! While everyone had a great time at camp, I think they’re very happy to be home!

Thanks again to Mrs. Hughes and our fabulous parent volunteers. This wouldn’t have happened without them.


[image] cabin

[image] archery


[image] climbing wall

[image] class work

[image] fishing

[image] orienteering[image] Problem Solving 1

[image] waiting

[image] prob solving 2

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