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E-News blurb on Book Swap at Wyatt

By: wyatt

Following is the blurb that went out to parents on Wyatt's Book Swap, coordinated by librarian Debbie Schmittou:



Next week, students may begin bringing in up to 3 personal books they would
like to exchange for other titles during Book Swap Week. May 21-25. Students
will receive tickets for books 1-100 pages and those with 100+ pages. I have
spoken with the classes about how the Book Swap will work and they are very
excited! Please assist your child in choosing books they do not want back, that
are in good condition, and are elementary age appropriate. If you have any
questions, please contact Mrs.Schmittou at


Mrs. Schmittou reports that:" We 'recycled' over 300 books during the book swap week. The kids could bring in
up to 3 books each so I would guess around 100 kids participated. It was very
well received and I will definitely do it again next year. I would also increase
the number to 5 books each next year."

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