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What If... We Observed!


With special funding from Crayola and the National Association of Elementary School Principals, our science labs and the Fine Arts Studio are exciting environments for learning about the world. The grant, Champion Creatively Alive Children, provided funds for the purchase of LCD Microscopes and slides, "The Private Eye" jewelers' loupes and specimens as well as art supplies for a variety of multi-disciplinary art projects.

Our observations and drawings served as inspiration for 4th grade's crayon-resist paintings and copper foil relief tiles, which were then connected one to the other to form a metal quilt. This work of art is hanging on exhibit in the square, and has been invited to be displayed at the Burnet County Livestock Show and Fair. Fifth graders took their observations to clay, creating textured surfaces on clay pots, which were then glazed with Crystaltex glazes.

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