Project Title: Biomimicry workshops
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Biomimicry workshops MIS 2011

By: acastro

Biomimicry workshops (afterschool pilot)

MIS Green Team

Created by Sayuri, April 28 2011

[image] flores

I           Profile of the students

o   Students:

 Bilingual students from afterschool program at Magellan International School

Professor: Ethan V.

Green coach: Sayuri Y.

Grades: Kindergarden, 1st, 2nd and 3rd


II         What we did

During 7 weeks, an afterschool group of MIS students led by Ethan V. worked with a green coach (MSc Sayuri Yamanaka) on exploring concepts of Biomimicry using the Ask the Planet CD & Teacher Lessons. Once a week Sayuri & Ethan worked with the students for 45 minutes using the Teaching Guides from Ask The Planet. The workshops were conducted in Spanish. Two teacher guides were translated for this purpose.


III        Outcomes

We realized that the students want to understand the connection between the organisms that you can see and the ones that you cannot see (bacteria). Therefore, we decided to create a new activity focused on micro cosmos concepts by using samples of soil from the school garden.  To enhance curiosity regarding bacteria concepts, we brought drawings from the book “The Microcosmos Coloring Book” by Lynn Margulis & Dorion Sagan; illustrated by Christie Lyons.  

When going out to work in the garden, we reminded students what we talked about during the workshops, strengthening their relationship with nature and changing the way they see and live natural processes.

Students were encouraged to communicate with the planet by selecting an animal from the tundra.  They then did research to get familiar with their animal’s characteristics and abilities, as well as the threats they face.  They wrote letters, made drawings, sorted materials, and, wearing the masks, they became the animal’s voice.


IV        What we accomplished

o   With the students

Increase students curiosity in the Biomimicry topic

Encourage students to develop a personal relationship with nature

Raise knowledge and awareness of natural cycles and animal specialization

With the school community

Introduce the biomimicry concept to the school community

Integrate a group of students from different grades into one green activity


V         Tools & materials

o   Teaching Guides


o   Supporting materials: video

We recorded a piece of the pilot in a 5 minute video.

The video shows students during the Talk-Show “Pregunta al Planeta”, as well as some of their drawings and letters. At the end of the video, Ethan V. (afterschool program teacher) describes his experience.


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