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Vitamin Hero

By: Villanueva


Story:  Mr. Squid wants to take over the world, but Mr. Sky has to stop him teach the kids about vitamins.


Objective:  Learn about vitamins and save the world from Mr. Squid's minions.  DUN-DUN-DUN!!




Team members: Cristian, Gavin, and Gabriel


Health lesson:  We want to teach you about vitamins. Every time you level-up you learn a little bit more about vitamins.

 Vitamins are great supplements for nutrients.  Vitamin A promotes tissue and bone repair and is good for your

eyesight.  Foods that are good sources of Vitamin A are milk and eggs.  Vitamin B is good for energy and aid your

metabolism.  Good sources of Vitamin B are chicken and beans.  For healthy muscles and tissue, eat foods that contain

Vitamin C.  Citrus fruits and broccoli are high in Vitamin C. 


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