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Super Health Woman vs Germ King

By: valkrissyd


Story:  Super Health Woman is trying to beat the Germ King.  On the way, she is trying not to get germs from

the Germ King's minions.


Objective:  To beat the germs within a certain time limit


Health lesson:  Germs can cause illnesses.  That is why you need to take the necessary precautions

to get rid of germs.  If you sneeze on your hands, you must wash your hands.  If you don't get a flu

vaccine, you may increase your chances of getting the flu.  If you get a scrape or cut, you must keep it

clean, or it will get infected.  You must brush your teeth to keep the germs away and prevent cavities.

You must stay away from people that have the flu or a cold.  You can get an infection in your blood.


Audience:  Ages 4 and up


Team members:  Sydney, Amira, and Jordan


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