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Building A New Playground


At Rainbow Mountain, we are building a new playground to encourage students to spend more time outside and to beautify our campus.  

[image] Playground 1

The frame of the wood structures is made from locust that was already "dead."  

They reclaimed it for the playground.  


[image] Playground 2

Under contruction as part of the playground is the climbing tunnel.  

It is made from a recycled culvert.

To fill in unlevel areas, workers added old concrete instead of using new concrete.

The whole design was created to blend with nature and become a focal point for our campus.


[image] Playground 1

The Results: A playground that beautifies our campus and creates inviting spaces for children to play outdoors.


[image] gnome1

This is the Gnome Village - recently completed!


[image] gnome2

The wooden structures mimic a village in the woods.


[image] gnome3

The idea is that the Gnome Village exists as part of the natural landscape of our campus.  Since the village was 

completed (with the exception of a few minor details, such as the bridge you see), children, families and staff have already taken advantage of it: they have been playing in, on and around the wooden structures - it's like everyone spends even more time outside.  

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