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Sea World Field Trip

By: KlockeK


[image] arriving by bus[image] SW entrance


 All four kindergarten classes from Carpenter Hill Elementary attended a field trip to Sea World San Antonio to further enhance their studies of sea life.  There were 76 students, 70 parents, 4 teachers, and 2 student teachers that participated.


[image] penguins[image] sea lion


 In preparation for their trip, students learned about many sea animals including penguins, Orca whales, sea lions, seals, crabs and many more!  The coolest part about the trip was hearing the marine biologists telling facts about the animals that the students already learned!


[image] Shamu Story[image] Shamu


Many of the kids were so surprised that the whales were actually real.  It is one thing to study about them, but to actually see them in real life was magical to many.  Sea World was a wonderful experience.


[image] teachers


A special thanks to our AMAZING Kindergarten Teachers who always make learning fun!


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