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School-Wide Paper Recycling

By: bbouley

[image] Paper Recycling 1  [image] Paper Recycling 2

On Wednesdays students in the 5th grade collect paper recycling bins from the assigned classrooms and office locations.  They are supervised as they carry the bins over to the Abitibi bins outside in the parking lot.  It takes team work to empty the bins and close the tops of the Abitibi bins!  Plastic is separated from the paper and taken to the Pearland Recycling Center.

Steps to a successful paper recycling program:

  1. 1. A teacher or staff member must supervise the students and devise a plan that works for the school. 

Ex. 5th graders recycle on Wednesdays.

  1. 2. Prepare a copy of the school floorplan.  Assign students to a classroom or office.  The students should introduce themselves to the teacher or staff of the assigned room. 
  2. 3. Choose a specific day of the week for recycling.  That way everyone looks forward to recycling!
  3. 4. If possible, show the video from Abitibi on how paper is recycled.  Students will learn the process of paper recycling.


  1. 5. We purchased our blue recycling bins (41 quarts) from Rubbermaid with money raised by recycling ink cartridges.  Each bin is labeled on the bottom with the room number.  Some schools obtain the bins with grant funds. 
  2. 6. Stress the importance of safety, quietness in the hall, and teamwork to the students each time.  If a student is absent, the station needs to be covered by other students. 
  3. 7. Students sort out the plastic to be recycled.  They flatten boxes and check for trash to be removed from the bins.
  4. 8. The assigned student communicates to the teacher what can and cannot be recycled.  Ex. Dirty or wet paper should not be recycled.  Also no tissues!  Please no tiny scraps of paper because the wind blows them as litter.
  5. 9. Safety, safety, safety!  I use a whistle to help students cross the street safely.  Students wash hands after recycling.



  1. 1. Students learn responsibility.
  2. 2. Students learn what can and cannot be recycled.
  3. 3. We save paper from going to landfills.
  4. 4. Our school receives money for the paper we recycle.








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