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Exploring Animals at the Fort Worth Zoo


On May 14th, 2013 the first grade students at Willis Lane Elementary School took a trip to the Fort Worth Zoo. Taking this trip gave the students a great opportunity to have hands on experience with animals.

The trip also aligned with our First Grade Texas State Standards, which includes the following:

  • (1.9A & 1.9A_6 Living and Non Living things in the desert) The students were able to observe the different types of plants and animals that we find in nature.
  • (1.10A_6 external characteristics) The students were able to go on a scavenger hunt set up by the teachers to find animals that have different external characteristics that determine how they move and where they live.
  • (1.10A_4 different body coverings) The students were also able to identify the different animals in many different habitats and see how they need different body coverings to help them survive the temperature and surroundings. They used a tree map provided by the teacher to complete the different body coverings they observed.

The students were able to experience first-hand the staged environments for different groups of animals and make the connection of how their characteristics have adapted them to be able to survive and thrive in these environments. This is something that cannot be taught in the same way within the classroom.

[image] zoo 2 

One First Grade class poses for a picture after arriving at the zoo.


[image] zoo 1

Observing an elephant.


 [image] zoo 4
Students exploring aquatic creatures in the touch tank 


[image] zoo 5
  Classifying animals by body covering.





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