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Willis Lane Garden Restoration

By: chudson

[image] wolf2


The Willis Outdoor Learning Facility was created with a grant about 11 years ago.  It was designed in the shape of Texas
with the purpose of showcasing the native plants that grow in the 5 geographical regions of Texas. The WOLF also has bird houses, a trellis with benches, a large map of the united states, and an area that will be used for the Monarch Butterfly Station (phase 2). 

[image] wolf5[image] bird house


Over the years, the students have utilized the WOLF to learn about Texas and its plants. It has also been an area that students will go to read or just study the plants. Each section of the state is labeled and the different plants have information about them. Beginning in 2012, a group of volunteers including parents, students, and staff have spent time pulling weeds, tilling the soil, and planting native plants to restore the WOLF. The 4th grade student leadership team started a “Loose Change Drive” in April of this year to raise money to purchase mulch, plants, and other needs for item that were not currently in the budget. The students have taken ownership of the WOLF and take time during their recess to work and pull weeds. This has been a wonderful experience for helping students build responsibility, character, and provide hands on opportunity for learning.


[image] wolf3


The photo above shows the progress of our work this year. This area was completely taken over by weeds, thus had to be deweeded, weed stop fabric laid, replanted, and mulched. This is the fifth and final section to be reworked and while still a work in progress, the overall area has come a long way.

[image] overview



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