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Clean 'N' Green recycling program


The goal of this program is to significantly increase the amount of paper & plastic being recycled within the school.  It is also designed to increase awareness and enthusiasm of recycling that will carry over from the students to the community.

This is a collaborative program with the City of Mesquite who provides all recycling recepticles to be placed in each classrooom and the cafeteria.  

The 6th grade teachers selected students that felt would be responsible to carry out the duty of picking up recycling from teacher's classrooms near the end of the day.  At the beginning of the program recycling was picked up just twice a week from the students.  As the teachers became more comfortable with the program the demand has increased to a daily pick-up.  There is so much recycling being done at our school the students have to dump the buckets into a giant clear recycle bags and carry the bags to the dumpster.  This also prevents paper being blown throughout the school grounds. 

This program definitely takes collaboration from the entire school staff from the custodians, secretaries, teachers & principals.

This project has helped our school become united and excited about recycling!

We based our success on how often the recycling dumpster was needing to be dumped.  we normally were picked up twice weekly but there were several weeks we had to call for an extra pick up.


The only expense to this program is the cost of t-shirts that we will purchase for the "Green Team" and the cost of the clear recycle trash bags that is purchased out of the custodial budget.

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