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Animal Education

By: tabatha-k

The day at Sky Ranch was cold, rainy, humid, and just
absolutely miserable. But there was a huge perk to the day! The entire camp
went to the miniature zoo inside a small building!  It consisted of various reptiles, mammals,
and arachnids!

Mygroup first went to the reptile room, where we got a chance to admire a hog
nose snake, two corn snakes, an albino corn snake, iguanas, a leopard gecko,
and a monster red tailed boa! We learned that all reptiles have scales and are
cold blooded. They need water to keep their skin from cracking, and they need
heat to keep moving.

We then moved to the mammal room.
There were chinchillas and sugar gliders! There was even a hedgehog that was
shy to come out of its spiny little ball! I admired how the chinchillas were so
fluffy and warm, but that was mainly because they’re warm blooded!

Finally, it was time for the
arachnid section of the building. There were scorpions, tarantulas, and even some
hissing cockroaches! The tarantula was a rose hair tarantula. She was
absolutely beautiful, just like the emperor scorpion inside the neighboring
tank. Arachnids need a humid and temperate environment to survive in, and they
mainly eat crickets and mealworms.

The day ended with a nice lunch and
a long drive home back to North Star private school back in Arlington. We
learned a lot, did a lot, and had the cuts and bruises to speak up for it.

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