Project Title: Unplugged
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By: tabatha-k




Starting September 19th, 2013 at 11:00 a.m. we arrived at Sky Ranch. Our instructions were as you exit the bus you must turn your phone/electronic device completely off and put it in a blue tub. This was the beginning of Unplugged.

No one had any connections to the social media of instagram, tumbler, twitter, and for some people Facebook. Everyone was like now I can’t update my iPhone for iOS 7, but they’re worries past as soon as we hit the cafeteria; that’s where the real adventure began.


Day 1: was pretty good no one cared about his or her phones and all was calm.


Day 2: was ok but for some people they were getting desperate.


Day 3: was good but it was also time to leave, and we got to have our phones back.


Overall no one really was savage about not having his or her phone or electronic devices. We also went over 48 ours without any technology.


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