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Trex Plastic Film Recycling Challenge

By: cchandler

Trex Outdoor Living has sponsered a plastic film rcycling challenge.

Timeline:  Official start date is America Recycles Day-Nov. 15th and Final tallies are due April 15th 2014.

Schools compete agains other schools in their area to recycle the most plastic film per capita.  We weigh and keep record of the amount of film collected each month.  I take the collected plastic bags to a participating retailer-Tom Thumb in Mesquite on Pioneer rd.  This is a great way to get the school & community involved in recycling.  Everyone has old Wal Mart bags, dry cleaning bags, ice bags, cereal bags and newspaper sleeves etc.  We came in third place in the district!


Collection Totals:

October        6lbs

November   0 lbs

Dec.           22 lbs

Jan.            22 lbs.

Feb.            29 lbs

March          12 lbs

Aprill          (22 lbs)

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