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School Walk for Diabetes

By: Schunkal

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School Walk for Diabetes - story by Maia Vollbrecht, student newspaper staff member

When the School walk for diabetes came to CHES on March 7, 2014, students learned about type 1 and 2 diabetes, healthy choices, and ways to stay fit. When the school does this, money goes to important diabetes research. Colts raised money by collecting donations from neighbors, friends, and family.

We run around the track to symbolize fitness. One lap is equal to 1/5 of a mile. Students also played GaGa, Make It Take  It,  got painted-on mustaches, took pictures with the Wise Owl, and sorted healthy from non-healthy foods.

Over 26 MILLION people have diabetes in the USA alone. Every little bit of help we can offer is greatly appreciated by the American Diabetes Association.

Mrs. Brown and Mr. Certain challenged CHES to run 3,000 laps, and not only did we beat the limit, we demolished it! CHES ran 3,561 laps, 561 more than their challenge. Colts also collected 8, 223 dollars for the ADA.

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