Project Title: Force and Motion PBL
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Force and Motion PBL - Fitness and Health

By: jtepper


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2nd Grade Force and Motion PBL


Driving Question:

How can we,as fitness engineers, design a field day activity that utilizes force, balance or motion to enhance our fun & fitness?


Duration: 4-5 weeks



Science: 2.5D, 2.6C, 2.6D, 2.3B, 2.2E, 2.2A

Math 2.9, 2.11, 2.13

Technology: 126.6(3A), 126.6(3B)


Entry Event: PE teacher will present the students with the scenario. Ex. As we were going through the field day equipment,we realized that one of the stations is missing some pieces and can’t be used again thisyear. So, since kids are the experts at field day fun, we want your help in creating a new field day game/activity for thisyear. Your teacher (science teacher) and I, will be overseeing the process. For this to be successful, you will have to take on the role of an engineer. Then, present students with the driving question.


Project Overview: The learners will participate ina variety of activities to explore various forms of force and motion such as sliding, rolling and spinning. Students will then research various types of games/activities that utilize force& motion. Then, the learners will design and develop a model representation for a field day activity/station. PBL teams will present their designs to their homeroom and students will vote on a winning design. Each homeroom winning design will be presented to the campus PE teachers and the students for a campus wide vote.


The Results: After all 2nd graders participated in a variety of hands-on lessons about force, motion, balance, counterbalance, etc. they created and presented their PBL Field Day Games. A group of five 2nd graders were selected to debut their game at Field Day 2014. The boys' game named was changed to Flaming Baseball. It was a game enjoy by all other grade levels.


Technology Used: Each PBL Team used the app SnapGuide to create a How To presentation of their game and the health/science behind the game. Pictured above are a few screen shots from the winning groups SnapGuide and as well as a photo of the presentation given to our PE teacher.

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