Project Title: Nature Playgrounds
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Nature Playgrounds


Rainbow has finished different playground areas. First is the K-8 Playground. It was still under construction at the start of the 2013-2014 school year. It's built from recycled materials wherever possible.

Now, students use the playground for free play, for more structured outdoor classroom activities, and for our after school program, which takes place outdoors, unless there is extreme weather.

[image] playground A


Later in the 2013-2014 school year, Rainbow completed the official preschool playground. It's constructed in a similar manner as the K-8 playground, workers used recycled materials wherever possible: urbanite to backfill lower areas, they used dead locust logs to help construct the posts, they recycled lumber from the old preschool playground and they used salvaged wood to enclose several areas within the playground.

[image] preschool playground


In addition, students have the opportunty to help out with bird feeding on campus, worm composting (especially in the after school program to help the 5th grade students who are in charge of the worm composting) and using water from rainbarrels to replenish the bird baths.


[image] bird feeding

This bird garden is adjacent to many of the classrooms so students can step outside and look at / feed the birds.

Here's another look at this garden:


[image] bird garden

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