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Greenprint for 2014-15

By: HighlandPark

Cornerstone:  ECO-CAMPUS 
We will promote recycling awareness with the following activities:
Continue our organize a jack-o-lantern composting event at the school after Halloween 
Continue to send out information via the weekly electronic newsletter (for parents) and Monday Morning Announcements (for students) and create posters to encourage the use of recycling bins at school.
Continue our specialty recycling bins for 5 recycling programs through Terracycle (Toms of Maine toothpaste, ink cartridges, Beauty & Personal Care items, used writing utensils, Elmer’s glue),  as well as battery recycling through the City of Austin.
Continue to offer electronic waste pick up at the school for parents and staff to recycle e-waste such as computers, keyboards, monitors, cell phones.
Sponsor 2 special 'styrofoam recycling weeks' which we will advertise several months in advance to remind people to start saving their styrofoam.
Provide recycling at after-school events  (like Fall Fitness Festival, Halloween HOOT, etc)
The purpose of these activities is to reduce waste and to promote recycling both at school and home.
Students, staff, parents, and the PTA will all be involved in Highland Park recycling.
We will post photos of our recycle bins and recycling drives, and upload copies of our electronic newsletter with Green Tips
No budget will be necessary for this project.
Cornerstone:  ECO-CAMPUS 
We plan to order "No Idling" signs and try to educate drivers at end of school pickup to turn off their engines
The kids will help with awareness 
Budget: we estimate $400.  Our PTA will match whatever we raise.


We will restore the Perry Park interpretive nature trails by clearing brush, putting down more wood chips, marking invasive species for removal, planting native plants.
The purpose of the activity is to create an outdoor, educational, green space where students can learn about plants and nature.
Highland Park students and parent volunteers, and the PTA will all take part in the restoration project.  
We will photograph the area before and after the restoration and video the completed project to give a better overview of the restored outdoor facility.
Trail maintenance will begin with a Service Project in Nov 2014-- in conjunction with the Austin Parks Dept.

No budget necessary - Austin Parks will supply all the materials


Cornerstone: HEALTH & FITNESS 
Scottie Strong Fun Run
The purpose of the activity is to promote increased physical activity and also as a school fundraiser to pay for extra teachers
We will encourage students to participate in Fun Run by sending home flyers and posting signs around school.
Highland Park students, parents, and the PTA will be involved in this event.
We will video participants at the Fall Fitness Festival.
The budget will be $30 for flyers.  T-shirts will be donated.
Cornerstone: HEALTH & FITNESS
Marathon Kids
Our students (Kinder - 5th grade) have the "run the track" (walk or run 1/4 mile) on a daily basis.
In addition to scheduled PE class, and daily recess time, Physical activity like running (versus just playing on the playground) builds muscle and stamina.
Kindergarten, 1st grade, 3rd grade and 4th grade all participate in pre-lunch recess.
This activity is recorded on our school master schedule and will be photographed.
There is no budget required for this activity.
Running the track occurs throughout the school year, Aug. 2014 – June 2015, weather and ozone status permitting.


Highland Park Earth Week Celebration
We will promote Earth friendly activities throughout the week such as:
Display reminders in the cafeteria about ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
Promote a Bike & Walk To School day to reduce use of fossil fuels
Encourage each class to adopt an earth week project. Examples include school grounds clean up, plant a tree, learn how to make recycled paper, make bird houses, or a lesson plan covering The Lorax.
The purpose of the activity is to empower students to become environmental stewards within the context of their own lives.
Highland Park students, parents, staff, and the PTA will be involved in this event.
We will photograph/video weekly events and class projects.
The budget will be $50 for paper and supplies to promote the event.
Earth Week will occur April 2015 
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