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Greenprint Challenge - Schuylerville Central Schoo

By: deborah4grs


PROPOSAL 2014-2015

Greenprint for Natural Classrooms

1. Project Name: Peace Tree Planting in Outdoor Classroom

  1. 2.   Project Goal:
    Schuylerville School District’s 4th grade students will plant a
    White Pine “Peace Tree” in the Outdoor Classroom. This will integrate the
    modules of their Native American curriculum into their anti-bullying promises.
    Like the Iroquois Nation did when creating the Confederacy, they will place
    their weapons of war (bullying phrases and actions) in the ground as a reminder
    of the past and to teach that such actions not be repeated. After placing the
    bullying phrases into the ground they will plant a Tree of Peace on top of
    them. The tree is intended to be a symbol of peace for the entire Schuylerville
    community and will beautify the Outdoor Classroom.
  2. 3.   Who’s Involved:
    This project will involve 4th grade students and teachers, with
    support from the Green Ribbon School Project volunteers. The School’s
    administrators will also be invited.
  3. 4.   Recording Documentation: The
    planting of the Peace Tree will be recorded through photographs and student
    observations, and shared on the school district website.  (Please note: Schuylerville GRS activities
    are also posted on the Schuylerville Green Ribbon School Project Facebook
  4. 5.   Budget:
    The budget for this activity is projected at approximately $150, provided by
    the GRS Project monies as well as an Elementary Building Leadership Team Grant
    (from teachers representing each grade and including parent representatives.)
  5. 6.   Dates:   October 2014


Greenprint for Eco-Campus

  1. 1.  Project Name: Water Bubblers
  2. 2.  Project Goal: Install water bottle refilling stations at the
    current water bubblers at the Elementary, Middle, and High School. The purpose
    of this activity is to reduce the use of disposable
    water bottles and reinforce the use of reusable ones. 
  3. 3.  Who’s Involved: This event will involve K-12th grade
    students in fundraising and eventually will impact all as they have it
    available throughout the school day.  The
    District Director of Facilities and GRS volunteers will oversee and manage this
  4. 4.  Recording Documentation: This major project will be documented in
    photos related to fundraising activities and during installation, and its
    impact will be measured by the counter included in the new filling station
    (equates water bottles refilled with plastic water bottles NOT used/added to
    post-consumer stream). (Please note: Schuylerville GRS activities are also
    posted on the Schuylerville Green Ribbon School Project Facebook Page.)
  5. 5.  Budget:  The budget for this activity is $3000 for the cost of three water bubblers, and
    will be partially paid for using a gift from a Schuylerville District parent in
    honor of her late husband who was a night custodian at the school. The gift
    will be matched using funds raised at a school community 5k walk/jog in his
    honor. (See Greenprint for Health and Fitness.)
  6. 6.  Dates:  Funds raised October 2014-March 2015,
    installation in Spring/Summer 2015


Greenprint for Nature Adventure

  1. 1.  Project Name: Schoolyard Bingo
  2. 2.  Project Goal: Create a set of nature bingo cards that reflect
    flora and fauna in the Schuylerville Schools’ Schoolyard and nearby Hudson
    Crossing Park. The Nature Bingo Cards will be a set of 10 laminated cards, one
    set per season, and will include an Answer Key with identification information
    and fast facts. Hudson Crossing Park staff have volunteered to create the cards
    using an online tool, BingoCardMaker by Greer Pedoe. They will be made available to borrow
    through the school library as well as the Schuylerville Public Library.
    Teachers/classes of younger students and families will be invited to sign out
    the Nature Bingo Cards to explore their schoolyard and Hudson Crossing Park.
    They will also be available for download from the Schuylerville Green Ribbon
    School Project Facebook page and on the Hudson Crossing Park website.
  3. 3.  Who’s Involved: High School Environmental Club, High School
    Photography Club, the Middle School Green Team, and elementary students and
    families will create and use the bingo cards with the assistance of teachers,
    school librarians, and Hudson Crossing Park volunteers.
  4. 4.  Recording Documentation: The bingo cards will be the
    documentation, and they will be posted on the website and Facebook page.
  5. 5. Budget:  1 set of 10 cards, Schoolyard; 1 set of 10 cards, Hudson Crossing Park-
    Printing and laminating $75
  6. 6.  Dates:  Winter or Spring, 2015. One seasonal set will be created in 2014-2015, with others to
    follow in coming years.


Greenprint for Health and Fitness

  1. 1.  Project Name: Be Rich! 5K Fun Run/Walk
  2. 2.  Project Goal: Schuylerville Central School District’s students,
    families, staff and community members will participate in a 5K fun run/walk in
    honor of former night custodian, Rich Eglin. The purpose of this activity is to
    encourage physical activity and to remember a vital member of our community who
    remains a source of inspiration for the Schuylerville GRS Project. (Mr. Eglin
    actively supported recycling and reducing waste, and donations will be accepted
    at the event to help fund the installation of water-bottle filling stations in
    the schools, promoting the use of reuseable water bottles. This ties the event
    to Mr. Eglin’s legacy, and to America Recycles Day, happening the day after.)
  3. 3.  Who’s Involved: The Schuylerville Green Ribbon School Project Team and
    members of the SCS District (students, teachers, administration, and community
    members) will be involved.
  4. 4.  Recording Documentation: The event will be documented with
    photographs. (Please note: all of GRS activities are also posted on the
    Schuylerville Green Ribbon School Project Facebook Page.)
  5. 5.  Budget: The budget for this challenge is $150 for promotional materials and prizes for
  6. 6.  Dates:  The Be Rich! 5k Fun Run/Walk will take place on November 14, 2014 in advance of
    America Recycles Day on Saturday, November 15, 2014.




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