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Mr. Eco Hero

By: longhorn

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    We were fortunate to receive an email from Mr. Eco Hero asking if we would like to schedule a free assembly to teach students that they have an impact on ecosystems and wildlife. This program helps to support and reinforce what we have been teaching our students for the past 3 years about being great stewards of our environment. In exchange for the free assembly, an agreement was made to sell Mr. Eco Hero's products for a week: a reusable water bottle, a Mr. Eco - Hybrid Hip-Hop cd, a wristband and a coloring book filled with additional eco information. Our school would be able to keep 20% of the total amount sold. We were able to add $250.00 to our garden account. 




















    He reminded students that they should not litter and should help pick up litter even if they were not the ones that threw the litter on the ground.


     Students love singing his sone "Litterbug".





















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He told them about a trip he made just for the purpose of finding out how much trash is filling our oceans. What he found was truly sad.

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Turtles were found to be tangled in plastic and fish were found to have small pieces of plastic in their stomachs.

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Mr. Eco advocates using reusable water bottles instead of buying cases of plastic water bottles. It is a waste of money. One student asked why she couldn't just keep filling up her plastic water bottle. Mr. Eco said that they were not meant to be refillable water bottles and that after time chemicals in the plastic would leach out into the water she would drink. Not a healthy thing to do. Students love his song "Bottles are for Babies".

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Mr. Eco also reminded students to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. His song "Be Bright

(Turn Em Out) reminds students to turn off electrical appliances when they are not being used.

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Students love the catchy songs that are fun to sing and remind them to be Eco Heroes!

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