Project Title: Fairy Gardens
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Fairy Gardens in our Learning Spaces

By: kbarrett

Fairy Gardens in Our Learning Spaces



A fairy garden is complete with structures and actual living plants. Fairy Gardens are designed to let you keep your green thumb active all year-round and the fairies in the garden bring good luck to your home. It's a tiny green space created and tended with love.


Students from the GATES program at Justin Elementary watched a video to help kickstart their thinking.   The the kids got creative when building indoor fairy gardens for each classroom at our school.  Fairy Gardens were also made for shared spaces such as the library, office, and flex learning areas.


[image] fairy hat


Students looked around their house or at garage sales for "unusual" types of receptacles to the hold the plants. We had planters made from hats, shoes, toys, baskets, and pieces of wood. 


Students also looked for small reusuable items that could be used to decorate the fairy gardens such as; seashells, old jewelry, beads, etc.


[image] fairies


Parents donated soil and succulent plants like aloe vera and agava.


[image] more fairies

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