Project Title: Courtyard Garden Art
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Spring Concert & Art Show


On April 22nd, in celebration of Earth Day, the entire student body worked in groups throughout the day to clean, weed, and plant vegetables and flowers in the Courtyard Garden.  After the Earth Day celebration, the students in Grade 7 visited held Science Class in the Courtyard Garden to sketch nature scenes. 


[image] Garden Sketch 1   [image] Garden Sketch 2   [image] Garden Sketch 3   [image] Garden Sketch 4


Sketching or drawing is a tool to develop students' observation skills, develop students' visual literacy skills, make connections between observations and ideas, encourage creativity, enhance inclusive engagement, practice representing and communicating ideas, and reveal student understanding.


[image] Garden Sketch 5   [image] Garden Sketch 6   [image] Garden Sketch 8   [image] Garden Sketch 9


Science literacy interacts with other literacies, including visual literacy. By using visualization, students observe, integrate understandings, compare, and reason, which enhances a student's ability to think about and discuss scientific concepts.  Drawing and sketching allows students to express themselves different format, articulate their new knowledge, and empower them to communicate with each other. 


The Academy of Saint Paul Spring Concert and Art Show will take place on May 15, 2015.  Student art work will be displayed on lattice boards for viewing by the school community.  The Grade 7 students will submit their Garden Sketches illustrating the beauty of God's creation in nature and their Stewardship efforts.  

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