Project Title: Fitness Friday
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Fitness Friday

By: tchaler

[image] FFriPic2Kids Need to Run.....OUTSIDE!!


Students in grades Kindergarten through 5th Grade participated in Fitness Friday once a month throughout the school year.  Runners completed laps on a 1/6 mile course behind the school.  For each lap completed runners receive a popsicle stick.  Math lessons are taught as students tally miles and fractions of miles completed.  Totals of laps/miles are kept from one Fitness Friday to the next. 

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Coaches teach lessons on the value of goal setting in both physical fitness and academics.  As students reach certain milestones they earn the right to sign posters marking that milestone.  As the year progressed,student led discussions about attainable goals and goals achieved took place.  Runners learned that attaining a goal fed the desire to work hard for the next one. 

Besides goal setting and math skills, students also learned to support each other.  Celebration of all achievement was encourgaed.  Lessons included the value of increasing heart rates during cardio pulmonary exercise. 

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Students transferred their success to running events away from school.  When they bring their running bibs for display in the gym they received credit for the milage posters.

Below are some of the many TEKS that this unit in the gym covered:

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills

(K.1A)) travel in different ways  in a large group without bumping into others and falling;

(K.1B) demonstrate clear contrasts between slow and fast movement while traveling;

(K.3A) describe and select physical activities that provide opportunities for enjoyment and challenge;

(K.3B) participate in moderate to vigorous physical activities on a daily basis that cause increased heart rate, breathing rate, and perspiration;

(K.4A) observe and describe the immediate effect of physical activity on the heart and breathing rate and perspiration;

(K.7B) work in a group setting in cooperation with others;

(2.4A) identify how regular physical activity strengthens the heart, lungs, and muscular system;

(2.4B) describe how the blood carries oxygen and nutrients through the body;

(2.6A) identify goals to be accomplished;

(2.7B) treat others with respect during play;

(3.4A) describe the long term effects of physical activity on the heart;

(3.4B) distinguish between aerobic and anaerobic activity;

(3.5D) identify precautions such as awareness of temperature and weather conditions and need for warm-up and cool down activities;

(4.3E) participate in activities that develop and maintain muscular strength and endurance;

(5.3B) identify appropriate personal fitness goals in each of the components of health-related fitness

(5.4B) self-monitor the heart rate during exercise;

(5.7C) describe how physical activity with a partner or partners can increase motivation and enhance safety




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