Project Title: Island Explorers
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Island Explorers-Spring 2015

By: Laura Martin Bacon

[image] addie


When it comes to exploration, kids are naturals!

With this in mind, IACP Kids is proud to host a month-long project on Captiva and Sanibel Islands, just off the west coast of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico. Designed for kids ages 5-14, our project is all about the magic of discovering new plants, animals and sea creatures and observing they behave in their natural environment. And because we love food, we hope to learn about what they eat!


[image] Shell on Beach


Being an island explorer is fun and easy -- here's all you need to do:


1. As you wander around the islands, be on the lookout for a local plant or creature that you think is really cool.

2. Take a photo or video, then write down just what captivated you. If you can, try to learn a couple of interesting facts about the subject of your exploration and include them in your story.

3. Share your adventure with other kids here on the Green Ribbon Schools website!


 [image] My Feet Duck Feet

Text: Try to keep the word count for the story to 300 words, max. Of course, your blog can be much shorter -- even just a couple of sentences are great! Please make sure your blog is in either a Microsoft Word or Text-Only format. Or, if your blog is super-short, it's fine to send it in an email.

Photos: Submit one to three great photos!
Videos: Your videos should be no more than 2 minutes long – and shorter is fine! To submit, you'll need to post them on YouTube, then send us the link in your email submission.


[image] Pelicans


Please have your parent, guardian or teacher email your story/recipe to Laura Martin Bacon at

Please make sure to put "Island Explorers" in the subject line.

Your submissions also need to include your first name, age and your parent or guardian's permission to be part of this project.


Tell all your friends that you're an official Island Explorer!.



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