Project Title: Fridays in the Forest
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Fridays in the Forest

By: deborah4grs

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FRIDAYS in the FOREST - Summer 2015


NYS Health and Physical Education and Family and Consumer Sciences Learning Standard 1- Personal Health and Fitness: Students will have the necessary knowledge and skills to establish and maintain physical fitness,
participate in physical activity, and maintain personal health.



This summer the GRS hiking series will be returning, now on Fridays. "Fridays in the Forrest" will begin on Friday June 26th with a kickoff gathering at Hudson Crossing Park. This summer we have 8 new hikes which we look forward to enjoying with students, their families and members of our community.   The purpose of this activity is to motivate Schuylerville School children and their families to experience the fun and health benefits related to exercise and exploring the outdoors in new and exciting ways.


*  Determine Dates and locations of hikes

*  Set a budget and/or a fee for the event  (Note: we offer this series at no cost and absorb the costs of printing the flyers and hosting the kick-off event.  The budget for Fridays in the Forest is $100)

*  Designate a leader who is skilled in organizing and conducting the hikes

*  Publicize the event on FB and send out Flyer (see below)

*  Conduct kick-off event where participants are introduced to the program and given basic information and instruction (locations, what to wear, what to bring, what to expect, etc)

*  Provide guidance on hikes and be prepared with First Aid Kits, extra snacks, sunscreen, bug spray and water

*  Seek input after events to fine tune the subsequent hikes



Last summer, GRS hosted Tuesdays on the Trails and it was structured in the same manner.  The hiking series was a tremendous success drawing in first time hikers, seasoned hikers, families and community members.  Everyone is looking forward our Fridays on the Trail hiking series and we are anticipating a growth in numbers.




Schuylerville Green Ribbon Schools Project Presents: 

Fridays in the Forest!


Enjoy family time with fellow outdoors lovers.  Families with kids aged 0-10 are encouraged to come along for some outdoor adventure.  The pace will be casual to accommodate hikers of all ages.  All hikes are between 2.5 and 4 miles except for Cascade, which is 4.8 miles.  A parent must accompany each family who signs up.


Friday July 3rdth – Prospect Mt.

Friday July 10th – Moreau State Park

Friday July 17thst – Shelving Rock Mountain and Falls

Friday July 24th – Chimney Mountain

Friday July 31st – Goodnow Mountain

Friday August 7th – Mt. Jo

Friday August 21st – Crane Mountain

Tuesday August 25th – Cascade Mountain

E-mail Mike and Tara Letzring at to sign up for a hike or for more information.  We will also post detailed hike information on facebook at Schuylerville Green Ribbon School Project. 

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