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Becoming a Junior Ranger - Scavenger Hunt

By: brandi.marroquin

Our GT students took a trip to Garner State Park in Concan, Texas where the students were going to observe various forms of wildlife in its natural habitat. The students participated in various outdoor activities such as: hiking, breaking rocks in search of geodes and participating in a scavenger hunt with a park ranger, where the students would then become Junior Rangers. The scavenger hunt was the biggest activity for the day. The students were required to located various items, such as: birds, bugs, frogs, nests, scat, etc...


Our group of students ranged from 1st graders - 4th graders. 

[image] group


Our students first began by reading their list of tasks located in their Junior Ranger Activity Journals.

[image] Activity


And the Scavneger Hunt began...

[image] hunt


Looking for frogs...

[image] frogs


What else do we need to find on our list???

[image] list


Observing scary bugs...

[image] bugs


Is that scat???

[image] scat


Finally, we can all pledge to be responsible Junior Rangers.

[image] pledge


Overall, the kids had an amazing time and loved observing all the beauty nature had to offer.

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