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Take Me Fishing Hutsell

By: zelmahutsell



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The goal with of Take Me Fishing  Hutsell is to bring our students, families, staff, community, and state together to spend time outdoors engaging in the lifetime sport of fishing.  Take Me Fishing Hutsell (TMFH) is the largest aquatic education event in the state of Texas run through a public school. We had over 350 participants and 100 volunteers last year, totaling more than 450 people at Peckham Park. Texas Parks and Wildlife is a sponsor and supporter of our event and constantly refers to Hutsell as the prime example of how to institute a fishing program at school. 

Students are taught many aquatic and angler skills through physical education class in the weeks leading up to Take Me Fishing Hutsell. Some of the topics and skills (but not limited too) are: rules and regulations of fishing in the state of Texas, aquatic conservation, how to cast a fishing pole, how to assemble a proper tackle box, how to bait a hook, how to tie several angler knots, how to attach a hook to the fishing line, how to stay safe while fishing and being outdoors, fish identification, length and weight limits on caught fish, fish anatomy, and much more! 

During Take Me Fishing Hutsell, students arrive with their parents and other family members for a morning of aquatic adventure. Students enter the park and they are escorted to a safety station where they are given safety tip from Texas Game Wardens. At the safety station, they also enter for a door prize drawing. Students and families can then receive free fishing equipment to borrow during the morning, find a spot amongst the lake in Peckham Park, and enjoy the lifetime sport of fishing. 

In addition to fishing, families are also encouraged to visit different stations around the park. There is a camping/ice cream making station where students lea​rn the essentials of camping and learn how to make hand-made ice cream. At the fish print station, students are allowed to make their own free t-shirts, based on the art of Gyotaku, a Japanese art form. For those who aren’t comfortable with casting a fishing pole, there is a station where plastic fish are used to practice on. Texas Parks and Wildlife provides their Aquatic Education trailer that is set up for families to view fresh water and saltwater fish species, water conservation, fishing safety, and tackle box assembly. If students catch a fish there is an aquatic fish tank used to hold the fish so everyone can view the catch of the day! If students can prove their angler skills, they can become a Fishin’ Buddy and help others. Also, there is a fun tournament to see which students can catch the longest, heaviest, and first fish of the day and the winning students will receive a special prize. We have had the privilege of hosting many guests during Take Me Fishing including but not limited to: Mr. Alton Frailey, Katy ISD superintendent, , Former Mayor of Katy Don Elder, Current Mayor of Katy, Fabol Hughes, Katy ISD school board members, Texas Parks and Wildlife Staff, and Boy Scout leaders. ​


Take Me Fishing Hutsell serves as a staple program at Hutsell Elementary. Coordinated by Robert Brashear and Michelle Beer, Take Me Fishing Hutsell is entering its 10th consecutive year and is growing exponentially!

Supporting the efforts of the TMFH program, Hutsell also has a yearly 4th grade field trip where 4th grade students get their Jr. Angler Certifications through Physical Education. Hutsell’s fishing program successfully brings the classroom outdoors, using math and science in real-world scenarios, reinforcing state standards, and raising STARR scores. Hutsell greatly looks forward to Take Me Fishing Hutsell every year and welcomes family members to attend. Fish On! 




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