Project Title: Butterfly Garden
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Butterfly Garden

By: Sbriseno

As part of our second grade science curriculum, 85 students observed the butterfly life cycle from beginning to end.  We started with 90 crystalises so each student received a butterfly in the larva/caterpillar stage. They then observes and documented each stage of the life cycle.  


[image] Recording Observations


An additional component we have added at Justin Elementary School is the creation of a butterfly garden which enables students to release their adult butterflies into a natural habitat thus allowing the lfe cycle to begin anew.  In order to adequately complete this process, students conducted several levels of research and investigation.


[image] Butterfly


The first step was to research what types of host and nectar plants would be needed to sustain the painted lady butterfly.  They then investigated which of those plants would be suitable for the unique climate of our area of Texas.  Next, they planned the layout of the garden before actually planting.

[image] Planting


And finally, they released their newly emerged butterflies into our buttefly garden.

85 students

90 crysalises

Wait time = approximately 3 weeks

Yield = 20 butterfies per class which is 80 total!



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Lauren08 says...
I liked that we made a butterfly garden so when the butterflies hatched from there chrysalis they had a place to stay! Grin
15th June 2016 9:02pm
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