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Wildscape Project Design: Mapping the Outdoor Lear

By: greenmom78731

[image] Wildscape Logo


The Wildscape planning team met on Wed, March 9, to review Tony Gendron’s design of the Wildscape Project. This precedes the implementation review – we are making HUGE progress! He has done a great job capturing our vision for the Wildscape and turning it into an actionable plan. The countdown is on for the big dig on May 1 – please encourage your family and classes to join in on the dirt and FUN!

At the meeting we reviewed the design, costs and materials. We also walked though placement of gardens, ponds and reflection areas taking into consideration how Doss students will be using and “living” with this Wildscape. We also had to consider the deer and how we can control their temptations which moved us to the fencing conversation. Hurricane or mesh — decisions, decisions… While we locked on the plan for the Wildscape, we still have details to work out like finding the perfect solar pump to cleanse our pond, the fencing and which native plants we will landscape with which don’t require much maintenance.

On March 23rd, the project team met at the future site of our Wildscape to walk through the implementation plan in detail. Specifically water source, pond, maintenance, “Big Dig” logistics and Eagle Scout assignments.

Many decisions were made including:

Power: We will use an electrical pump vs. solar for the pond to address the cleaning,  health of the fish and warranty needs.  The pond will have a mesh covering for the protection of children and wildlife. We will move forward with a large rain barrel with appropriate landscaping to address run-off.

Maintenance: Reviewing options of local gardening clubs, student care, families and scheduled volunteer times for the watering, raking, weeding and raking of our Wildscape.  If you feel this would be of interest to you, your family or a local group, please email Kelly Rizk.

We’d like to recognize Jane Tillman for her contributions, ideas and donations of the pond plants which will provide shade and protection for the fish in our hot Austin summer.

We are very excited to have two Eagle Scouts working this project with us. One will be installing the square foot gardens, installing the deer fence around them, and installing our pond, including the digging, lining and placing of stones.  Our pond will be home to native fish species – I can already hear the excitement of the children when they see fish in their school’s backyard! Great news for the dig: All mulch and most hand tools will be donated for the Big Dig day project through Keep Austin Beautiful and Organics By Gosh!


[image] Doss Wildscape Before


[image] Doss Wildscape Design


[image] Big Dig

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