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Earth Week 2011 Daily Announcements

By: greenmom78731

Daily Announcements for Earth Week 2011

Below is a brief summary of each day's announcements

scripted and performed by Angelita B (3rd), Lucinda S. (4th), Lily S. (2nd), SangMin C. (4th), and Riley C. (3rd):


*  Welcome to Earth Week!

*  Black-Out Monday (Reduce!)

*  The importance of saving electricity, how to unplug, get outside and play.  Use natural sunlight.

    *  Book-Swap (Reuse/Recycle!)  Reminder for Thursday

*  Trash-Free Tuesday reminder:  Get creative with reusable containers.  Pack without baggies!  Use reusable water bottles.

*  Wear Green on Thursday for Earth Day!


*  Today is Trash-Free Tuesday.  (Reduce/Reuse!)

*  Trash impact on community landfills...

*  Importance of using reusable containers, and eating all of your food instead of dumping in trash.

*  Reminder:  Walking Wednesday tomorrow, Book-Swap Thursday.


*  Congratulations on Walking Wednesday! 

*  Leaving the car at home saves on gas and puts much less exhaust into the atmosphere...great exercise! (Reduce!)

*  Reminder:  Each classroom needs to complete a survey to measure our Walking Wednesday success!

*  Reminder:  Book-Swap Thursday.  By reusing books, we reduce our need for new materials and we use fewer non-renewable resources.

*  Your "Acts of Green" go a long way to make our world a better place!  Happy Earth Week!


*  Good morning Doss Owls!  As you may know, tomorrow is the official international Earth Day!  The Doss Green Team would like to thank each and every one of you this morning for your participation all week in our school-wide Earth Week activities.  It is wonderful to see so many of you wearing your green in support of Earth Day.

 *  Yesterday, we were once again amazed by the amount of students, parents, and teachers out walking, bike riding, or carpooling, and arriving to school by school bus.

 *  Out of 740 Doss students, we had about 25% or 1/4th of our student population walk, ride your bike, or take the bus.  That’s almost 200 kids!  

 *  And now we’d like to announce the winning grade level...the grade level who had the most walkers, bike riders, school bus and carpoolers counted yesterday is...3RD GRADE!  Congratulations 3rd grade.  You just earned an extra excuse to get outside during the school day in May with a popsicle party!  

 *  And don’t is book-swap day for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.  Teachers you received tickets in your boxes today

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