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paint this portable

By: Barbara Uskovich


Students are encouraged to share their artistic ability not only in the classroom, but outside the building's walls.  The students felt that the science/garden portable needed updating to match the beauty of their beloved garden.  The students devised a plan to enhance the portable.  They, easily, solicited teachers and parents in their endeavour.  First and third graders came together to discuss the beautification of the portable.  A list of the visitors in the garden was written and each student took an assignment.  With a plan set, an afternoon set aside, creativity flowing-the paint began to fly!

[image] group painting

[image] Lee wood burning

[image] Freida & Hannah

We had the help of a parent and local artist to burn the wood after the pencil sketches were drawn.  We were pleasantly surprised when Mr. Painter stopped by to share his wisdom and help.

[image] Nick w/art board

[image] Trey/Imbri/Will w/art boards

Over the weekend Mr. Painter (outdoor lab instructor), Mr. Rust (teacher's husband), and Mr. Uskovich (parent/teacher's husband) volunteered to finalize the beautification of the science portable.

[image] Bryan/Jon/Mark hanging art

[image] Mark & SJ w/portrait

(Doesn't it look just like Mr. Painter?)

We feel the children's plan to be perfect.

Our garden was instantly more beautiful!

[image] Jon/Mark/Bryan final pose


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