Project Title: Flyboys-Bee Prepared
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Flyboys-Bee Prepared

By: Barbara Uskovich

Mr. Painter defines an ecosystem as a relationship among living organisims.  We consider Stonewall Gardens a healthy ecosystem, therefore it is sustainable.  Our ecosystem consist of trees, herbs, flowers, vegetables, compost, water, and a host of pollinators.  Mr. Painter's lessons are about cycles and systems, whether on a weekly basis or seasonal.  We don't just plant, we consider what our place is in nature.

[image] honeybee w/red poppy

With years of planning and redesigning, every element of Stonewall Gardens has a specific purpose.

[image] katydid on wine cup

Knowing that about one out of every three bites of food we eat is made possible by a pollinator.

[image] butterfly on flower

About 80% of our flowering plants rely on pollinators for survival.

[image] bee above echinacea

Our garden was designed not only to educate young minds with hands-on-learning, but as a master gardener, Mr. Painter,  knows that plants in isolation will not thrive.  The range of our garden was designed to include plants, native to our region, specifically to attract a wide range of pollinators.

[image] blue butterfly on Mexican hat

Scientists are alarmed at the rate of pollinators that are disappearing.

[image] horned caterpillar on evening primrose

Our garden curriculum teaches the young minds of Stonewall Gardens that we must be stewards of our environment.  It is why the students are successful during their explorations in the garden.  It allows them to apply these lessons to everyday life.  These  opportunities have made them aware of the importance of being stewards for a better planet.

[image] Turk's cap w/lady beetles & bee

We don't ask yearly, or monthly, or weekly, but daily we ask:

Where do the children play?

[image] butterfly on yellow flower

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